Affordable Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in St. Louis, Missouri


In uncontested divorces, the couple agrees on all of the issues required to dissolve the marriage, including child custody, child support, alimony or maintenance, dividing property, deciding who will pay marital debts and every other financial aspect of the case. Is your spouse saying that you do not need lawyers? Without an attorney, without knowing your rights, how do you know whether the agreement is fair to you? We are experienced St. Louis uncontested divorce lawyers who will protect your rights, keep it simple and make it affordable.

In Missouri, there are two common ways to get an uncontested divorce. The first way is through default petitioning. This is when one spouse files and serves divorce papers to their spouse, and they fail to file or serve response papers. The case is then set for an uncontested final hearing, and the spouse who failed to respond is considered in default. You cannot receive money from your spouse in a default judgment.

The second way to get an uncontested divorce is through joint petition, and this is typically the quickest way to go through the divorce process. This can happen when both parties agree to the divorce terms, file a joint petition, and file their written agreement. After the agreement is written, they go to a final hearing in front a judge, and the divorce order is signed.


If you need an affordable St. Louis uncontested divorce lawyer to handle your divorce, we are the law firm for your case. We work with men and women and focus on settling their uncontested divorce at a low cost.

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