St. Louis Divorce & Family Law Lawyers: Areas of Practice

No matter what divorce or family law matter our clients have, our experienced legal team can handle your case. We are experienced St. Louis divorce and family lawyers with a wide range of practice areas. Below is a list of some of our divorce and family law areas of practice. Click on a link below for more information.

St. Louis Divorce Attorneys

A petition for dissolution of marriage is a complex legal matter unlike any other. It’s complex because marriage is a civil contract between two people, with financial, emotional and physical ramifications, particularly when children are involved. Is your spouse saying that you do not need a lawyer? Is your spouse suggesting that you can reach a fair settlement agreement on your own? Without an experienced divorce attorney, without knowing your rights, it’s difficult to determine whether the agreement is fair to you.

St. Louis Family Lawyers

If you have a family matter that must be handled in court, you need experienced and affordable family attorneys. We handle a wide range of family law cases including child support, child custody, divorce modifications and much more.

St. Louis Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, and plan to file for an uncontested divorce, McChesney & Ortwerth can help your dissolution of marriage quickly and at a low cost.

St. Louis Contested Divorce Lawyers

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of things like child support, child custody, or property division, you need an experienced contested divorce attorney to help you get the results you want.

St. Louis Child Custody Lawyers

You love your children. There’s no doubt about that. However, your spouse may love them as much as you do. Are you willing to share physical and legal custody? What is the difference between physical and legal custody? What is in the best interests of your children? These matters should not be taken lightly. There are obviously important to you; and they are critically important to your children.

St. Louis Child Support Lawyers

Missouri law provides that a court may order either or both parents to pay child support. You may know somebody who professes to know how much child support should be paid. However, unless your well-intentioned friend or family members is a lawyer, relying on the advice of a non-lawyer would be a mistake with the possibility of serious financial consequences.

St. Louis Alimony Lawyers

Maintenance (formerly known as alimony) is not awarded in every case; and there is no formula for calculating the amount of money to be paid when maintenance is awarded.

St. Louis Property Division Lawyers

If you are contemplating divorce, you’re probably wondering how your marital property and assets will be divided. Whether you own a little or a lot, your property and assets are important because you worked hard for everything you have. Whether you were the primary breadwinner or a devoted homemaker who provided your spouse with valuable support along the way, you have rights.

St. Louis Debt Allocation Lawyers

In today’s economy, many married couples have debts. But when they divorce, who pays those debts? Do not take this question lightly. Unpaid debts can lead to additional litigation, damage your credit score and make it very difficult to move forward with your life.

St. Louis Retirement Plan Lawyers

Retirement plans and deferred compensation programs are common for many employers and employees, not only for employees in large corporations, but also for employees of smaller companies, as well as federal, state and local governmental agencies. These plans and programs may be subject to equitable distribution upon dissolution of marriage.

St. Louis Paternity Lawyers

Paternity means “fatherhood.” A paternity establishment case decides the legal status of biological parents who were not married to each other when the child was born.

St. Louis Protection Order Lawyers

If you have experienced domestic abuse, stalking, or any other matter that may cause for a protection order, you need an experienced domestic abuse lawyer.

St. Louis Modification Lawyers

Some judgments are modifiable and others are not. The party seeking modification has the burden of proof; and an experienced lawyer can tell you whether the evidence will be sufficient to sustain your burden.

St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

McChesney & Ortwerth handles all types of personal injury cases including car accidents, truck accidents, and wrongful death.

St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

McChesney & Ortwerth are powerful personal injury lawyers and handle worker’s compensation claims in Missouri and Illinois.

St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers

We have almost 40 years of experience going against large commercial trucking companies and have success defending our clients and their loved ones.