St. Louis Contested & Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Are you contemplating divorce? Has your spouse already filed? Whether your divorce is going to be contested or uncontested, it is important for you to understand your rights. Even an uncontested divorce can be a complicated legal matter, a life-changing event which must be handled correctly because it will likely affect you and your family for years to come.

Understanding Contested Divorces in St. Louis

A contested divorce is the type in which the spouses cannot agree on one or more key issues, which must be resolved before the marriage can be dissolved. Contested divorces are commonplace now as there are many different issues to resolve during before the case can be concluded. The most common disputes include such sensitive topics as:

In contested cases, experienced contested divorce lawyers, McChesney & Ortwerth, will devise a strategy which effectively represents your interests and goals. Our objective is to settle your case fairly, with a minimum amount of conflict and expense through negotiation, mediation and settlement conferences. We will bring a practical and level-headed approach to your case. However, if negotiations break down, we will push your case to trial; we will fight for your rights; and we will not back down.

Affordable St. Louis Contested Divorce Lawyers

Contested divorces are never easy. McChesney & Ortwerth are St. Louis contested divorce lawyers who handle cases for both men and women at an affordable cost. Our experienced divorce lawyers handle all divorce and family law matters and use our wide range of expertise to get our clients the results they deserve.

Understanding Uncontested Divorces in St. Louis

In uncontested divorces, the couple agrees on all of the issues required to dissolve the marriage, including child custody, child support, alimony or maintenance, dividing property, deciding who will pay marital debts and every other financial aspect of the case. Is your spouse saying that you do not need lawyers? Without an attorney, without knowing your rights, how do you know whether the agreement is fair to you? We are experienced St. Louis uncontested divorce lawyers who will protect your rights, keep it simple and make it affordable.

Affordable St. Louis Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

If you need an affordable St. Louis uncontested divorce lawyer to handle your divorce, McChesney & Ortwerth is the law firm for your case. We work with men and women and focus on settling their uncontested divorce at a low cost.

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