Divorce & Family Law Philosophy

McChesney & Ortwerth does not pick fights for the sake of fighting. We understand that divorce is usually the end of a troubled marriage and years of conflict. Stirring up controversy, inviting confrontation and encouraging pointless disputes will only make matters worse. We believe in protecting your rights with powerful legal representation, maturity, integrity and a calm demeanor, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to resolve your case amicably.

Our goal, as St. Louis divorce lawyers, is to settle your case fairly, with a minimum amount of conflict and expense, through negotiation, mediation and settlement conferences. However, not every case can be settled amicably. If negotiations break down, we will push your case to trial; we will fight for your rights; and we will not be intimidated. We are experienced trial attorneys with more than 38 years of collective experience and we pride ourselves on our trial skills. If trial is necessary to accomplish your objectives, we will not back down.

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